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Brazil: “Pacification” Unleashes Terror On Favelas, Aims to Silence Anti-Capitalist Social Movements – revolution-news.com

See on Scoop.it – Football Coaching As thousands took to the streets this weekend to protest the civil and military dictatorship – which left a legacy of some of the most sadistic and brutal repression against political prisoners seen in Latin America – the military police have unleashed a new war on the poor of Brazil, and the State is preparing to enforce newRead... »

Eric Cantona: Fifa’s corruption divides Brazilian football from its roots

See on Scoop.it – Football Coaching Just back from making a documentary in Rio, the Frenchman has a jaundiced view of the governing body’s modus operandi, he tells Owen Gibson Charles Pryke‘s insight: Never afraid to "man up" and speak some honesty.  See on www.theguardian.com »

Coach Kieran Smith – Sessions, Analysis and opinions on the world of coaching: Analysis of Real Madrid from El Clasico

See on Scoop.it – Football Coaching See on coachkieransmith.blogspot.com.es »

Football, the people’s game, needs reform | The Roar

See on Scoop.it – Football Coaching Football: The English may have invented the game and the Brazilians perfected it, but as rival football fans in England come together to protest exorbitant ticket pr See on www.theroar.com.au »

The moment football became the people’s game – World Soccer

See on Scoop.it – Football Coaching The birth of the people’s game can be traced back to an FA Cup final played 130 years ago, between a side comprised of Old Boys from the most famous school in England and a club from the north that no longer exists. Charles Pryke‘s insight: For the birth of ThePeoplesGame.net I thought I’d dig out some details of what makes the football &... »

Top ten World Cup wonder kids

See on Scoop.it – Football Coaching 10. Saed Kolasinac (Bosnia & Herzegovina) WhoScored rating: 7.05 . 10. Saed Kolasinac (Bosnia & Herzegovina) WhoScored rating: 7.05 A regular in the Shalke side, 20-year old Saed Kolasinca averaged the most tackles per game (2.9) for Shalke this season, who finished third in the Bundesliga.Reportedly interesting Manchester United as a long term suc... »

Coaching Qualifications USA

See on Scoop.it – Football Coaching Get Qualified. Pass It On. Charles Pryke‘s insight: A really interesting article for anyone interested in developing themselves as a coach in the US ! See on www.thecoachingmanual.com »

these Football times

See on Scoop.it – Football Coaching Cultured Articles. Coaching Solutions. Magazine. Wonderkids. Boot & Books Reviews. Part of the Guardian Sport Network. Charles Pryke‘s insight: A test of the WordPress share option! See on www.thesefootballtimes.net »

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