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Colloids 5-1 Azzuri

sa_1412567113image27Guys, you’ve thrown down some statement of intent there. The rest of the world is watching!
Better keep your heads together before you get too high!

New boys this season .. Matias, Alexander, Chris, Phil, Gian, are all staking a claim for starting places in the team. The game is on boys!  Lets make some honourable mentions to yesterday’s performnce.

Sunny, having a starman performance, playing center back for the second week running, seems to be enjoying himself in the position without someone “barking” in his ear all game!

Then there was Moe “I didn’t know I could go up”, who 5 mins after finding his range with what looked like a conversion, hit an absolute f***KIN SCREAMER into the postage stamp after dancing into the box Ricky Villa style through two or three defenders (although Ricky could only have dreamed of  finish like this one!) I’ve not seen a celebration like it since Tardelli scored in the 1982 World Cup final and rightly so! What a way to open yor account and is now Colloids most prolific goalscorer with one game and one goal (eat that Mich!) .

Moes goal was a sweet strike, but not quite as sweet a strike as Gianlucas, edge of the box, laser beam into the roof of the net! Holy crap, it burnt a hole in the net!  The keeper was lucky not to get his hand on it.

Phil also managed to get on the score sheet! “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” and did he work hard! Put in by a perfect ball into the channel on his sweet left boot. It was the opportunity he had been dreaming of all game. He took it with aplom!

The chance came about by what was, quite honestly, an amazing, almost virtuoso, 15 min performance by Matias who seemed to have a hand in every goal after he came on for Ale.

Ale had just scored the goal to bring us level in the game and that we as a team had been screaming out to score for what feels like years! We played football in the box! The guys up top where slick. We had movement, close control, simple passes, almost tika-taka, inside the box. Which finished with an EXTREMELY hard earned and well deserved goal from Ale who crashed the ball Messi-esque into the roof of the net. It was on the end of what must have been at least 4 or 5 passes (I look forward to count them on the video) Another Star performance.

There was another goal, but I didn’t see it.

Oh OK! We had drawn level by Ale’s goal and after Matias came on we had earned ourselves a corner. The “BIG GUNS” from the back were sent up to attack the incoming cross and they linned up on the edge of the area. An out swinging, right footed cross, from the right, with plenty of pace on the ball only need a touch of class to send it flying into the back of the net for the most incredibly important lead in the game. Steffano with a right footed hit on the edge of the box made it happen.

We played against a team that were before the game second in the division. It will make a statement of intent to other teams in the league and opposition will be expecting a “BIG GAME” with us fom now on.

Although we dominated in the end, we need to remember we took advantage when the opportunity arose. Azzuri were short of players, we ran them ragged for the duration of the game and once we took the lead their heads dropped. We worked hard for our win, we had a full bench which meant we could bring on fresh legs towards the end of the game and continue to run Azzuri ragged.

We had gone a goal down towards the end of the first half by what primarily seemed to be put down to mis-communication. We need to improve our communication all over the pitch and we should make a point to do this.

In the first half and until Ale scored in the second, we were also shy to play football in the opponents half, instead reverting to forcing the ball forward too often and giving it away in our haste. When we play football, remember our basics, playing football to feet, passing and moving you are A TEAM (and it’s actually pretty good to watch at times) !

To EVERYONE that played (not yet mentioned Martyn, Mark, Adam, Shaun, Woody, Alex, Nick and GK cover Luca), those that came to support (AK, Will and Stan) all gave their enegry to the result, what a great TEAM performance, well done Colloids!

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  1. Phil Winterton - October 6, 2014, 3:01 pm

    hahaha brilliant report! hard work beats talent! Great cheek

    • Charlie - October 7, 2014, 4:03 pm

      I don’t know if it really is hard work Phil, or whether you just make it look that way 😉

  2. bulgaro21 - October 6, 2014, 12:21 pm

    joke apart…really well done guys.

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