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Colloids v Hearts Sep 6th

colloids_2011-12 copyLads, here is the first of our match reports which I think we should do regularly just to have a good laugh in front a few drinks weekly, at the end of the season and in years to come when we will all be old farts, some sooner then others, Totti will still be playing and Arsenal fans still waiting for a trophy … BTW not the jelly shit you drank tonight which I couldn’t see going down unless spread on a toastie.

Back to business !

Poor Gaffer barely hoping for 12 people showing up (people not necessarilily players) was shocked by a huge turnout that made his job unnecessarily difficult since he notoriously suffers from a lack of time awareness and has cheap watch reason why some of us have been on the bench longer than expected ! !
Anyway brilliant display overall ! First clean sheet after season 1978\79, huge merit to the two goalkeepers who commandered an initially rocky ship to a steady course showing superior leadership skills.

A guy looking like Sylvain but with shortish hair showed up and caused havoc on the left and scored a beatiful first touch goal from an illuminating pass from Touch, you can come again, get regular haircuts whoever you are,
Touch ! New kid on the block, open the manual at pag 12 ”assist” read carefully and executed ! Textbook !

Filippo the shy, quiet, stylish, let the ball do the running, italian flair mid ! Quality!
Franco hard work back there, remember you can kick those guys when needed they are not your friend if they are not wearing the same colours !
Rod man ! Take the ball go home and shut up ! Fantastic hat trick, think Ribery !
No surprises from the old heads leading by example !
James 75% success only on your signature move, thing Vienna, Prater Stadium and Strauss and you will fly on your heels !
Wozza have you got lost ? What were you doing playing left wing back ? Is that why you stayed and kept playing ? Reliable and adaptable.
Adam, John solid and efficient as usual !
Rob, the new Mitch without the dutch coaching exotic appeal !
Damian nice shoes ! Generous.
Mark I know it can be frustrating mate, but he is always there maybe just for the last 10 minutes of training but there ! Backbone !
Ale, fucking shoot once in a while ! Stylish ….slightly too much.
Special mention to the ref quiet, nobody noticed him, even when he gayly blew the whistle nobody could hear a thing and we just got on with it !
The Gaffer ! Finally passionate again after last season, even more when Phuket was mentioned ! BTW why you deflate the footballs after the game?
I hope I didn’t forget anybody and nobody was offended (more than required) if so I apologize…..but not really.
Great game boys, good spirit and so good fun.
May Totti be with you.
Good night
Your guardian


  1. Charlie - September 11, 2014, 10:16 am

    @Bufe01 Sorry about the title, I really don’t know what day it is this week.

    • Charlie - September 11, 2014, 10:24 am

      …….and BTW Arsenal has two in a few months now, so there !

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