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We are living in an age where technology can provide a level playing field for participants of so many activities. It is, however, becoming common that the services provided by many internet start-ups are done so with the primary, necessary, requirement of turning a profit for it’s owners.

At The Peoples Game we have ONE LOVE, football !  Football comes before money, and it’s for that reason that we are purely asking for donations to run this website.

What we are offering :

  • Team management solution
    • email invitations
    • social network invitations
    • social network login’s
    • team wall
    • RSVP events
    • Email notifications
  • Personal & Team Lockers for sharing
    • Docs
    • Videos
    • Pictures


  • Football log book
  • Coaches feedback with self evaluation
  • Fixtures e-Teamsheet
  • Recording of statistics
    • for individuals
    • for teams
    • for leagues
    • for the entire community
  • Players awards
    • for actions that exist within the website
    • for actions achieved on the football pitch
    • for actions achieved on the training ground
    • from designated coaches for specific tasks
  • Fantasy Football Leagues for you and your mates

All of this is run on a virtual private server with SSL technology to keep all the data safe. These servers are part of a network that crosses continents to ensure that you have a website that stays up and provides you your pages in the quickest way possible.

All of this costs money to maintain, it is costing money to develop and it will continue to cost money. This sort of website elsewhere on the net demands payment for these services, but this is “The Peoples Game” and we do not believe in requiring you to pay for these services, football is a game for one and all and it is our belief that the use of technology should be to bring different backgrounds together and not discriminate between those that can afford and those that cannot.

It is for this reason that we request those of you that can afford to pay for these services to make a donation, not just for yourself, but for the next person that cannot afford to. If you can afford it, but do not think it’s worth a donation, then please let us know why so that we can fix it.

It is “The Peoples Game’s” promise to it’s users that development, refinement and innovation of technical services for the benefit of the community are the priority of all donations.

You can donate with Bitcoins here : [coinwidget address=”1DEVksiFuMc48SQCRNqTBh5PBdbeci2nck”]


 Or using Paypal here : [paypal-donation]

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